The carrot is generally considered native to which country?

Why Host Trivia?

Question: why do thousands of people play trivia in pubs and clubs across Australia each week?

a. Secretly we are a country full of nerds

b. It’s a lot of fun for all ages and intellects

c. It a great activity to bring people together

d. It’s family-friendly, affordable entertainment

Answer: All of the above


So why should you host a trivia night?

… check out a few of the great reasons…

Boost your profits!

Boost your profits!

Hosting a trivia night brings lots of new people to your place. If you start trivia around dinner time and have a good break at half time for people to get dessert or more drinks – you will watch the $$$ roll in.

Boost your customers!

Boost your customers!

People love trivia – people from all ages and walks of life. Having a trivia night is an affordable way to bring new customers in your door. Once they’re here for trivia you can market your other activities and events to them. Soon they’ll be your regulars!

Boost that quiet night of the week!

Boost that quiet night of the week!

Does your place have a night of the week that is quiet? Why not host trivia on that night and turn your quiet night to the most profitable night of the week?

Boost your profile!

Boost your profile!

Hosting a trivia night means you are not just another pub or club – you’ve got something more to offer than the pub or club down the road. You’ve got events that people want to come to and remember – word spreads fast!

Why Choose Us? Already Hosting? – Why Switch to Us?

We are here for you  

Cunning Fox Trivia is customer-focused. We want your business to benefit financially from hosting a weekly trivia night. We are committed to providing you with high-quality trivia questions, high-quality support to host your trivia night at an affordable price so you can maximise your profits.

Affordable Prices

We offer a 50% discounted 4-week introductory offer so that you can get your trivia night off to a great start without outlaying a lot of money. Our ongoing weekly price of $49.95 is far less than our competitors.

Quality Questions

We don’t rely on Wikipedia to find our questions and answers! We are a team of trivia buffs with University educations (yes we are putting them to good use J) – so we are skilled at researching topics and making sure you have the correct answers. We subscribe to reputable companies like Encyclopaedia Britannica and use multiple sources to check the accuracy of our questions and answers! There is nothing worse that customers complaining about the answers being wrong – so we strive to be accurate so everyone can just have fun!

And if that doesn’t convince you – we support others

10% of the profits from Cunning Fox Trivia go to charitable organisations. We are a business that wants to pay it forward so we use part of our profits to sponsor children through Compassion Australia and also support a range of other charities including Teen Challenge. Feel free to contact us to find out more.