How Does Hosting Trivia Work?

Find out what's involved in hosting a trivia night!

Trivia Examples

First check out some of our example question and picture rounds

How to Run the Trivia Night


Select a Host

You will need someone from your establishment to host the night.  They will ask the questions and feedback the answers to the trivia teams competing.  We also recommend that you have a second person to help with the scoring between rounds so that things run smoothly.


Register Trivia Teams

Ask teams to come and register their team name by a certain time so that everyone is ready to play when trivia begins.


Set the Rules for Teams

Let teams know the rules for playing trivia.  You may want to have a limit on the number of players per team (we recommend a maximum of 10 per team).  Remind people not to use their phones to look up answers or ring/text people (you may have an ‘all phones to be away’ rule).  The main rule is for teams to have fun and enjoy the night!


Ask the Questions

We recommend that the Trivia Host asks the question, pauses for a few seconds and then repeats the question.  We also recommend that you wait around 10-20 seconds before asking the next question to give teams time to discuss.  Keep an ear out and you’ll notice if most teams have finishing discussing the answer and you can move on.

There are 6 rounds of trivia and each round has 10 questions.  The final round is a picture round, so the host can just hand a picture sheet to each team and give around 8-10 minutes to complete their answers.  Remember it’s good to have a longer break at half-time to allow customers time to purchase more food and drink from you.


Checking the answers

We recommend that at the end of each round the host collects the answer sheets from each team.  The second person can then start scoring each team’s points.


Winners and Prizes

It is up to you whether you give out prizes or money.  We recommend that you do, as it is a great incentive for people to come back again and again.  We recommend that you give out 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes/cash and perhaps a random prize so that even if teams aren’t likely to come 1st, 2nd or 3rd they still have a chance to win something each week.  If there are ties for a prize/money we will give you some tie-breaker questions to ask those teams.