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The carrot is generally considered native to which country?

Answer: Afghanistan


Our pricing is designed to be simple and affordable so you can focus on hosting fun and professional trivia nights! Sign up today and you will receive 50% off the first 4 weeks!

What’s Included?

$49.99/ week

Quality questions sent weekly!

Wide range of topics!

Great support from our team!

Helpul resources to get you started!

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What You Get

Sign up to Cunning Fox Trivia and you get the following benefits with no lock-in contract:

  • Each week you’ll get access to a set of new trivia questions and answers for your trivia night.Trivia consists of 6 rounds of 10 questions from a huge variety of topics such as sports, famous people, weird facts, history, culture, geography, technology etc.
  • We also provide you with a set of questions to use as tie-breakers if needed
  • Support for trivia hosts – we’ll send you information and tips on running a successful trivia night and resources such as answer and scoring templates to make hosting trivia a breeze
  • Direct access to our trivia writers – so that we can ensure the questions you get are working well for you
  • Support from our team – for any questions or feedback you have

How It Works

Once you sign up on our website (which takes just a few minutes to get some basic details and payment) you will be set up to receive weekly emails which let you know that a new trivia pack (questions and answers) is available to download from your account on our website.  You simply print the questions and answers off and you’re set to go! We will also post you answer sheets for teams to use on the night – so, everything is done for you!

Get 50% Off the First 4 Weeks!

We know that starting a trivia night might be a new venture for you so we have a special introductory deal so you don’t need to outlay much money until your trivia night gets off the ground. Sign up now and get 50% off for the first four weeks – you still get the same great questions each week, but for half the price. We will also send you the answer sheet template for you to print out for teams to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Simply click on the ‘sign up’ button on the left (or on the ‘home’ page) and you will be guided through the steps to sign up to Cunning Fox Trivia.  Payment can be made securely by credit card or PayPal and you can cancel any time.

Will a trivia night work for my business?

Trivia nights are held in a variety of venues (pubs, clubs, sports clubs, and taverns) across Australia each week.  Trivia nights are a favourite with people from all ages and backgrounds – so, no matter who your customers are, they’ll be sure to enjoy trivia and come back again and again.  You can host a trivia night at minimal cost to your business – all you need is a staff member to ask the questions, some prize money (which will be offset by your customers purchasing food and drinks during the night) and you’re on your way to improving your profits.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes, there is no lock-in contract – you can cancel anytime.

Or, if your business is not hosting trivia for a period of time (e.g. during the Christmas / New Year week), you can simply put your subscription on hold by clicking ‘pause’ on the subscription section of your account.  You won’t get charged during this time.  To reactivate it choose ‘resume’ when you’re ready to start again.

How does Cunning Fox Trivia come up with the questions?

We promise we don’t use Wikipedia!  At Cunning Fox Trivia we use a variety of reference materials (e.g. Encyclopaedia Brittanica) and subscribe to a range of products to get interesting questions (and accurate answers) for you each week.  At Cunning Fox Trivia – we love trivia and we want your customers to love it too!