I’m a Freelance Biz-Blog Writer

If you reaaaally want to get to know me, we should chat more. But let me give you the basic rundown…

If it has anything to do with words, business, and online, I’m generally up for it.

I’m Angela Rodgers, a word-lovin’, digital native freelance writer who is just a bit obsessed with streamlining everything in life, including all things content marketing.

I’m finding that a LOT of businesses really struggle to create systems and processes for their content marketing and either end up with either an out of control mess OR crickets. The usual way to do blog writing and social media marketing tends to be time consuming and exhausting, especially if you are the face your business, while trying to run things behind the scenes too.

My focus is on finding ways to leverage your time as a super busy businessperson, while improving the systems and consistency in your online marketing. And somehow do all of this without losing your authentic voice and personal touch on everything. Mission impossible, right? Not so!

Still want to know more?

Awesome! I have plenty to share.

Right now, I’m working hard behind the scenes to launch whole bunch of amazing things in the coming months. That’s why things are a little bare over here – it’s only temporary, trust me!

Until then, the best way to find out more about me is to send me an email.